Mobile Grooming by Loel

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De-stressing the Grooming Experience for Your Pet

My dog and cat clients enjoy being greeted at their own home by a familiar friend who they eagerly look forward to seeing on a regular basis. They are spared the stress of being transported and then crated, often with many other noisy and frightened animals, warehoused as they await their groom and the return of their owner. Your pet will look forward to the arrival of his or her special friend in a familiar groom-mobile with happy associations. If your four-footed family members could speak, they would say, “Go mobile!”

The Luxury Convenience of Mobile for You

Simply think of the time you will save in your schedule if, rather than taking time out to transport your pet, make arrangements at a salon, and then return – often hours later – to once again transport your pet back home, you instead let your groomer come to you. Mobile grooming saves not only the time of transportation but also relieves the headaches of making new arrangements each time you visit a salon for services. My clients come to know and trust me. I am willing to serve your pet even in your absence.

Services Included in Mobile Grooming

My mobile salon is entirely equipped and independent, and we can do anything for your cat or 40 pound or less dog that is done for him in a brick and mortar grooming salon. Additionally, we provide care for cats in a manner that is unique to a mobile setting, not possible where transportation and crating with other animals would otherwise be required. A full mobile grooming visit entails bathing and dematting, ear, eye, nail and skin care, clipper work, scissoring, and final finishing.

Serving Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Orinda, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill and Moraga.

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