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Why Groom Your Cat: The Surprising Truth

Most cats can and should be groomed. Grooming not only removes grease and dirt from a cat’s outer coat, but additionally removes the dead undercoat and dander which a cat can’t remove itself. Furthermore, a grooming leaves the cat's skin cleansed, stimulated and rejuvenated. This produces an animal you will immediately recognize to be not only radiant, glossy and beautiful to behold but, more importantly, far more comfortable than before the groom. Trimming the sanitary areas around a cat’s privates – especially in our older kitties – avoids your pet from bringing into your home smelly and bacteria-laden kitty waste. Our cats sleep in our beds and walk on our counters, so we want to insure a clean and healthy environment. 

Dispelling the myths

“Cats groom themselves”: Cats LICK themselves in an effort to produce those effects described above. But our domestic breeds are unable to achieve effective or complete results by doing so. A cat’s saliva is a poor cleaning medium; it is a bacteria-laden slime which, in combination with the abrasive surface of the tongue, provides minimal cleansing relief limited to the removal of surface dirt.

“Cats hate water”: While domesticated cats may initially resist a professional grooming experience, surprisingly, cats, when correctly handled by a qualified cat groomer, often become docile when gently bathed in warm water. You will see how, after her bath, your cat preens herself and celebrates rejuvenated skin and removal of her dead undercoat.

“My cat would never let you groom him!”: This will be entirely true if the grooming requires stressful transportation to a grooming salon, crating and waiting while being warehoused prior to the groom in a noisy environment surrounded by other anxious and sometimes aggressive animals, followed by a grooming experience with an individual unfamiliar with the special requirements of handling and managing your feline. On the other hand, if your kitty is whisked into a quiet and secure grooming vehicle readied for her at her own home and handled lovingly and efficiently by a groomer skilled in feline management and feline grooming techniques, grooming will not only be very likely possible but virtually always followed by expressions of great appreciation from your radiant feline companion.

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